Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC was formally began by a patient — Diana Driscoll, OD in March, 2012. Struck down by a poorly understood condition that seemed to have no answers, she began formally researching this and related conditions, ultimately through this corporation.

Dr Driscoll, formerly disabled by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome/POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), was unresponsive to traditional, palliative treatments. When her children were then affected, including the completed disability of her young son, she began formalized research.

For years, she financed studies with her disability income, having received a lump-sum for her professional disability. Eventually, Optos donated a few thousand dollars, and a few patients from around the globe did the same, allowing her to continue.

Now recovered (as are her children), she has recently received generous donations from an anonymous source to release much of what she has learned and to continue her efforts in autonomic dysfunction, high intracranial pressure, interstitial cystitis, chronic dry eye, and multiple sclerosis.

To learn more about the founder, Diana Driscoll, OD you can follow her journey on her popular blog —

Dr. Driscoll is now seeing patients full-time at (the only clinic devoted to treating the underlying medical conditions causing POTS — not the symptoms).

Some of the research conducted by Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC can be viewed here.